Cats for Adoption
Crisco is a very sweet cat, a little timid at first, but
affectionate and cuddly. He has a little trill of a voice.
Posted May 24, 2016
Lucy is a friendly redhead found wandering outside -- already
She's talkative and loves attention.
Who wouldn't love Lucy?
Posted May 30, 2016.
Julie was born to a feral mother, but has become a sweet little soul, is ready to
make friends and enjoy a new home. She loves having her back scratched.
Posted May 30, 2016.
Updated October 7.
Buster is FIV+ (which means he's been exposed, not that he'll
necessarily get sick -- though of course he may). He also came
in with the worst ear infection I've ever seen (he's healed
But the big story about Buster is his disposition: all he wants
out of life is petting and loving and he gives it back multiplied.
This is a cat who gives you his belly to rub and doesn't maul
you when you rub it. A real sweetheart.
Posted June 28, 2016.
Shake, Rattle and Roll (Shake is the boy) are a friendly, lively set of kittens. They're about eight months old and fully vetted.
The females (all black) appear to be part Siamese: they have the elegant bone structure.
Posted July 1st. Updated October 7.
Victor was brought to me by the woman who's been feeding
him outside. She has to move back to her country and is trying
to find safe havens for the cats she's been caring for.
Victor is a big, sweet guy -- trusting and gentle. He'll make some
lucky person a wonderful pet.
Posted July 10, 2016
Bella is a sweet, friendly dark tortoiseshell kitty who was
picked up pregnant. Her kittens were placed by the lady who
found her, but nobody came forward for Bella, so she ended
up here.
All her veterinary work has been completed; now all she
needs is a home.
Posted July 30, 2016
Adopted November 25.
Pepper had already been spayed when she was found.
What is her history? Did her owner spay her? How did she
end up abandoned? Did her person die?
We'll never know, but this nice girl deserves better than
she's had.
Pepper is a calm, gentle cat who will talk to you.
Posted July 30, 2016
Gabriel is a lovely young cat. When he was found he had an
entropion: an eyelid folded the wrong way and rubbing against
his eye. It was surgically corrected, but his left eye is smaller.
He is also positive for FIV -- which means he's been exposed,
not that he'll necessarily get sick. And he is NOT contagious.
He's got a great personality.
Posted September 17, 2016.
Smoke once had a home, but lost it when her person died
and the relatives threw her out on the street.
She's a sweet, calm cat, very responsive when petted.
All she needs is a secure home...
Posted September 28, 2016.
Adopted November 27.
Polly, like Smoke, was tossed out on the street by relatives
when their owner died.
She's a dear cat, very affectionate. In this picture you can see
her making bread, but you can't hear the loud purr...
Posted October 7, 2016.
Pagliacci was heard before he was seen: crying
somewhere near my friend's house. She eventually saw
him, found out that he was as friendly as anything, and had
him fully vetted.
He's lively, playful and fearless -- and he loves it when my
dog chews on him.
Now he's here waiting for a home.
Posted October 13, 2016.
Shadow is a darling. He came to me because his guardian is
under treatment for cancer and had to give up his beloved
Shadow is perhaps 8 months old. He's an outgoing cat, good
with others cats and my dog. And he simply loves people! He
has a loud motor and it runs as soon as he's touched.
Posted October 29, 2016.
Adopted November 3. Here he is with his new family!
Boo belonged to a cancer patient who couldn't keep him while
undergoing chemotherapy. He's a sweetheart.
He's about a year and a half old -- and very big.
If you want a big mushy cat, he's for you.
Posted October 29, 2016.
Rumble is a big tiger guy with a huge purr.
He has a macho look to him (broad chest, big, head), so
chances are he was neutered late -- but he has no tomcat
aggressiveness at all.
He did, however, test positive for FIV, so at some point an
infected cat bit him. What does that mean if you'd like to
adopt? Probably nothing: many of these cats live long, healthy
lives. And since he's a pacifist he won't bite anybody and pass
it along. But there's no guarantee that he won't get sick; we just
don't know.
Posted November 15, 2016.