Cats for Adoption
Tippy has been here since last summer. She came in as a kitten found
abandoned in an alley and is now about a year old.
She's active and playful, but shy with people she doesn't know.

Posted June 8, 2013, updated July 9. Updated January 24, 2014.
Bubbles and Snuggles were brought to me along
with their mother (who has been adopted).
They're bouncy, active kittens who are curious
about everything. They both love to have their
backs scratched. Bubbles (the male) is the bolder of
the two. Snuggles (his sister) is a little timid, but

Posted July 30, 2013.
Updated July 22, 2014.
Milton was abandoned in front of my building. He was very small
for an adult (
he's grown!). Both his eyes were scarred and there
was some doubt about whether he could see. Since his arrival one
eye has had to be removed -- and the other is clouded.
None of this has fazed him in the least. He's a happy, active, playful
kitty who loves to have his belly rubbed.

Posted March 26, 2014.
Twinny was found behind my building, probably just dumped. She's a beautifully
marked tabby with a very sweet disposition.
Posted July 22, 2014.
Ash Wednesday is a perfect cat: beautiful, outgoing and gentle.
But she was returned from her adoptive home -- with tears -- because the other
cats living there elected her their victim and bullied her into hiding.
Sometimes these things happen...
We hope she'll find another home soon.
Posted May 29, 2014.
Adopted September 13.
Carlos, Carla and Kathy were born to a feral mother in a filthy basement.
Their mother has been spayed and released, but they
were young enough to
learn to trust humans and are up for adoption.
Oddly, when a friend helped me get better photos of them I discovered that they
love to be cradled upside down like human infants! Even Kathy, the shyest of
the lot, went limp and let her head hang down. Most unusual!
Posted July 12, 2014.
September 14, 2014.
May is a feisty, playful, very lively little girl. She was spayed today.
Posted July 12, 2014. Updated July 28.
Flora was found in a basement, but clearly wasn't born there: somebody had
gotten rid of her because she was ill. She was very thin, refusing food and
suffering from severe diarrhea. She's still a little thin, but the medication
worked and she's gaining ground.
Posted July 22, 2014.
She has now been spayed. Updated August 9.
Adopted August 20.
Justin and Janet were born to a feral mother, who came to me with the litter when
they were one day old.

I am happy to report that their mother has been taken in by the man who'd been
feeding her on the street, so her story has had a happy ending.

They are 12 weeks old now, eating well and very lively -- ready for homes!
Posted August 19, 2014.
Serenity was the beloved companion of a woman who fell on hard times,
became ill and ended up in a shelter herself. Knowing that she could no
longer take proper care of her cat, she surrendered her to me.
The cat is a darling, very gentle and affectionate --- and she "talks" with
sweet little trills.
I hope she'll be out of here and into a real home again soon.
Posted September 14, 2014.