Cats for Adoption
Milton was abandoned in front of my building. He was very small for
an adult (he's grown!). Both his eyes were scarred and there was some
doubt about whether he could see. Since his arrival one eye has had to
be removed -- and the other is clouded.
None of this has fazed him in the least. He's an active, playful kitty who
loves to have his belly rubbed.
I have moved Milton into my bedroom, where he is a very happy cat.
You'd never guess that he's blind.
Posted March 26, 2014. Updated November 20, 2015.
Crisco is no longer caged, but living in my bedroom so he
can learn about cuddling. He's learning fast! He loves to sleep
on the bed and wants attention in the middle of the night.
Crisco is a very gentle cat, soft and snuggly. He talks to me in
a little, trilly voice: a real darling.
Posted September 21, 2014. Updated November 20, 2015.
Lucky (Crisco's brother) was adopted over a year ago -- but
returned today because he wouldn't use the scratching post.
The children in his former family miss him bitterly. One of
them wrote:
He takes a little while to settle down. He is on the skittish
side, even once he gets to know you. He enjoys sleeping on
people's laps and prefers one on one rather than a group of
people. Once he gets to know and trust you he is very loving
and friendly. He enjoys chasing after balls and playing peek a
He hasn't been skittish with me at all: he already found the cat
bed and liked it when I petted him there.
Posted March 13, 2016.
Salt belonged to a guy who didn't spay her, didn't keep her indoors
and sold her kittens. She was bought away from him pregnant again
and loaded with fleas.
She's now completely vetted and ready for a real home: no more
litters for this doll!
She's a little frightened about being in a cage in a strange place, but
very sweet.
Posted March 18, 2016.
now that she's been here awhile, she's friendly and playful.
A very nice cat.
April 2.

Adopted April 25.
Solomon was adopted four years ago and has been returned
because his family was moving to a place where he wasn't
welcome. He's a huge, very mellow cat with polka dots scattered
over his body
Posted March 26. 2016.
Update, April 8:
Solomon is a perfect darling – but he’s not ready to leave here just
yet. He was returned after being in a home for 4 years (they
moved) and, although he didn’t seem very upset, he refused all
food. After two weeks I took him to my vet, had multiple tests run
(all negative!) and brought him back with a case of A/D and
instructions to force feed. He has now begun eating dry food, but
the vet said he needs a dentistry.
So until he’s had his teeth taken care of I’m going to hold him here.
Baby is a darling cat: gentle and affectionate. She came from an
outdoor colony (which is why the tip of one ear is missing: she
was marked when she was spayed).
Posted March 26, 2016.
Davelle was found in an alley with one kitten. She had
obviously been someone's pet: she's extremely affectionate
and purrs as soon as she's touched. I had trouble getting a
good shot of her because she wouldn't stop rubbing her face
on everything.  
Posted March 26, 2016.

Found out this morning that Davelle really hates dogs!
So if you have one, adopt somebody else.
April 2.
Mr. Goo is an utterly delightful cat: huge, a little fluffy, vocal,
gentle -- sweet beyond belief.
He appeared at a feeding station for feral cats and was brought to
me after he was neutered because he was no feral! He's "a goo".
But he did test positive for FIV. What does that mean? Possibly
nothing much: it is not contagious (unless the cat bites another cat)
and many carriers live long, healthy lives. But sometimes the cat
gets sick and dies and there's no way to predict who will be the
unlucky one.
So you've been told.
Me, I think he's worth the risk: he's wonderful.
Posted March 30, 2016.
Adopted April 22.
Johnathan was found starving and battered outside --
clearly an abandoned pet. He's very friendly.
Posted April 5, 2016.
Randi is a delightful cat -- and a bit of a mystery.
She ran up to someone outside asking for help -- very trusting
and friendly -- and was found to be already spayed, her ear
tipped to show it had been done. So some good person
ertainly not the owner who abandoned her) had made sure she
wouldn't reproduce -- but why hadn't she been taken in and
placed in a home?
She's in now -- and whoever gets her is getting a fine pet.
Posted April 5, 2016.
A litter came in on April 17th -- and little Glow here is the only
sibling not yet adopted.
He's a very active and rambunctious kitten, given to pouncing and
chewing. He'd make great company for a bored older male cat
(probably too much energy for a female).
He's had his first shot, but no other work yet.
Updated April 23.
Adopted! Fresh out of kittens -- for now.