Cats for Adoption
Milton was abandoned in front of my building.
That was over two years ago. He was in terrible condition: had to
have an eye removed and is probably blind in the other.
But he's become a handsome, well-adjusted kitty who rolls on the
bed, likes to sleep with me and darts out of the bedroom to
carouse at every opportunity.
Posted May 24, 2016
Adopted May 28.
Crisco has been with me since he was a big kitten -- over
two years! -- but has not been adopted. He's a very sweet
cat, a little timid at first, but affectionate and cuddly.
Posted May 24, 2016
Lucky (Crisco's brother) was adopted over a year ago -- but
returned today because he wouldn't use the scratching post.
The children in his former family miss him bitterly. One of
them wrote:
He takes a little while to settle down. He is on the skittish
side, even once he gets to know you. He enjoys sleeping on
people's laps and prefers one on one rather than a group of
people. Once he gets to know and trust you he is very loving
and friendly. He enjoys chasing after balls and playing peek a
He hasn't been skittish with me at all: he already found the cat
bed and liked it when I petted him there.
Posted March 13, 2016.
Solomon was adopted four years ago and has been returned
because his family was moving to a place where he wasn't
welcome. He's a huge, very mellow cat with polka dots scattered
over his body
Posted March 26. 2016.
Update, April 8:
Solomon is a perfect darling – but he’s not ready to leave here just
yet. He was returned after being in a home for 4 years (they
moved) and, although he didn’t seem very upset, he refused all
food. After two weeks I took him to my vet, had multiple tests run
(all negative!) and brought him back with a case of A/D and
instructions to force feed. He has now begun eating dry food, but
the vet said he needs a dentistry.
So until he’s had his teeth taken care of I’m going to hold him here.
Johnathan was found starving and battered outside --
clearly an abandoned pet. He's very friendly.
Posted April 5, 2016.
Adopted May 27.
Randi is a delightful cat -- and a bit of a mystery.
She ran up to someone outside asking for help -- very trusting
and friendly -- and was found to be already spayed, her ear
tipped to show it had been done. So some good person
ertainly not the owner who abandoned her) had made sure she
wouldn't reproduce -- but why hadn't she been taken in and
placed in a home?
She's in now -- and whoever gets her is getting a fine pet.
Posted April 5, 2016.
Pastel came in with a litter of kittens, all of whom have been
adopted; now it's her turn.
She was spayed today and is now ready for a permanent home.
What is she like? Gentle, affectionate, calm. Good with the other
animals. An ideal cat.
And yes, she's half Siamese, blue eyes and all.
Posted May 2, 2016.
Nelson was discovered sitting on a windowsill pleading to be let
inside. He had clearly been abandoned.
He's a big, very confident cat, affectionate and soliciting attention
-- but sometimes he nips. And he's very interested in getting out
of any available door, so he needs somebody willing to put up
with his quirks. He's fine with other cats.
Posted May 2, 2016
Iris was found wandering outside, abandoned.
She's a tiny cat, very friendly and gentle. Who would have put her
out? How could they?
Posted May 3, 2016
Starbright is a gorgeous young semi-longhair with a lovely
He did test positive for FIV -- meaning he's been exposed. He is
not contagious to other cats unless he bites (which he won't)
and he may live a long, healthy life without ever showing
symptoms. Some cats do become ill -- and there's nothing you
can do if that happens. So you've been warned.
Posted May 21, 2016.
Badger is a gorgeous semi-longhair found wandering outside.
He's very friendly and gentle.
Posted May 22, 2010
Adopted May 28.