Cats for Adoption
Bubbles and Snuggles were brought to me along with their mother (who was
immediately adopted).
They're bouncy, active kitties who are curious about everything. They both
love to have their backs scratched. Bubbles (the male) is the bolder of the two.
Snuggles (his sister) is a little timid, but sweet.
They have an unfortunate history of ganging up on other cats in the room and
bullying them -- but they're great with each other and recently they've been
befriending some of the others, playing instead of chasing and even sleeping
with them.
The only way I can tell them apart is that Snuggles has a white patch on one
side of her mouth.

Posted July 30, 2013.
Updated November 6, 2014.
Milton was abandoned in front of my building. He was very small for an
adult (he's grown!). Both his eyes were scarred and there was some doubt
about whether he could see. Since his arrival one eye has had to be removed
-- and the other is clouded.
None of this has fazed him in the least. He's a happy, active, playful kitty
who loves to have his belly rubbed.

Posted March 26, 2014.
Twinny was found behind my building, probably just dumped. She's a beautifully
marked tabby with a very sweet disposition.
Posted July 22, 2014.
May came to me in May of 2014. She's still waiting for a home all these months
later -- probably because she's black. She's a little shy with people she doesn't
know, but arches and purrs when I pet her.
Posted July 12, 2014. Updated March 2015.
Crisco came to me with two brothers, who have been adopted and are
doing very well in their new homes. All three were born outside and
should have grown up feral, but they were exceptionally nice boys who
decided they liked people.
Crisco is a very gentle cat, soft and snuggly. He talks to me in a little, trilly
voice: a real darling.
Posted September 21, 2014.
Dibs was taken from a feral colony when he was already pretty big (the person
feeding him said she'd been able to pet him) and was fairly horrified to find
himself here in a cage.
But at this point he loves to be petted and doesn't panic when I hold him. He's
shaping to be a lover.
Posted November 17, 2014.
Updated March, 2015.
Lady Greene was abandoned on the Brooklyn Bowling Green, which I
care for as a volunteer gardener.
When I first spotted her she was emaciated and terrified, but after I began
putting food down for her she decided to approach and eventually let me
put her into a carrier. She turned out to be a very gentle, sweet cat.
She loves to be petted and her motor is always running.
Posted December 5, 2014.
Janet was born on June first, 2014. She's a very lively, playful kitten who
wants to get into everything.
Posted December 30, 2014. Updated March 2015.
Delicious, Delectable and their sister DeLovely are lively, healthy kittens. They're very young, so the only veterinary work
done so far has been their first shot. But all are eating well and using the litter box
Posted June 22, 2015.
Delicious was adopted July 1. Delectable was adopted July 18.
Robin has, as you can see, only one good eye. When he came in, the bad one
was completely gray -- and shrunken -- and I was sure he would never have any
vision in it. But the gray area is becoming smaller and the gold iris is visible
around the edges. There will always be a scar, but the eye is much improved.
has now been tested and neutered; he's had his first vaccinations.
He's a dear, gentle, purry kitty.
Posted  July 17, 2015
Ophelia is a bit of a mystery: she was found out on the street,
already spayed, with the tip of one ear cut off to show that she
had been part of a TNR rescue. But -- why had she been put
back out if she was friendly? Did the trapper have nowhere to
hold her until a home could be found?
Anyway, she's with me now and she'll never be on the street
again: she's a delightful cat and she deserves a home where she'll
be cherished.
Posted July 17, 2015.
Luna was found wandering the street ready to deliver kittens. She's a petite,
very sweet-tempered cat -- and we got her just in time!
She was spayed, vaccinated and tested and now she's ready for a loving home.
Posted July 24, 2015.
Feeny is a darling. She was already spayed when she was found; my vet had her
sedated and shaved before he saw her scar and a tattoo and stopped.
The person who found her told me she was very vocal (yep!) and that when she
wanted more petting she would run after her rescuer and hug her by the leg to
make her stop and pay attention to the Cat. I haven't seen that because the poor
creature is in a cage here. I hope she'll be out and in a home soon.
Posted July 24, 2015.