Cats for Adoption
Angel has had his share of bad luck: first he was left in a carrier on a rooftop
and then, after he'd been adopted, the man who had taken him went into a
senior residence and had to bring him back. He took it hard and was -- well,
ornery -- for a long time.  
But now he's being the sweet gentleman he must have been all along: he's fine
with the other animals, gentle and purry. He was in my lap as I began typing
just now.
Yes, he's a few years old -- but he'll make someone a wonderful pet.
Posted September 3, 2011. Updated December 2, 2012.
Angel is currently being fostered by someone who may adopt him.
April, 2014.
Rina was brought to me by the person who'd been feeding her outside.
The cat had never been spayed and was pregnant with her third litter!
I had her spayed immediately.
This is an exceptionally gentle, responsive cat. She loves to be petted.
I can picture her ensconced in a lap, just purring...

Posted April 4, 2013.
MamiCat was living behind a building when she had a litter of kittens.
The people living there were outraged and threatened to poison them all
until one woman took them in.
MamiCat  is friendly, but frightened in the shelter environment. She only
feels safe inside her cage. If I put my hand in and pet her, she's
responsive, turning her head this way and that and delighted to get
attention. But I worry about her because she isn't going to show well
when someone comes to see her.
Posted April 29, 2013. Updated October 4. Updated January 21, 2014.
Faith and Juju were the victims of a divorce in which neither party was willing to keep the cats. The man who brought them to me
swore that he would post fliers and help me find homes, but he soon disappeared and stopped answering my emails. Lovely fella.The
cats are much nicer:
They are stunningly beautiful, fully vetted and very sweet-tempered. Both of them are extremely affectionate: Faith (the blue one)
helps me do my yoga every morning and Juju (the red longhair) is a confirmed lap cat.
The only thing that could make them hard to place is that both are mature cats, just past middle age. But they have many healthy
years ahead of them. They can be placed separately or together.
Posted May 15, 2013. Updated October 4.
Tippy has been here since last summer. She came in as a kitten found
abandoned in an alley and is now about a year old.
She's active and playful, but shy with people she doesn't know.

Posted June 8, 2013, updated July 9. Updated January 24, 2014.
Bubbles and Snuggles were brought to me along
with their mother (who has been adopted).
They're bouncy, active kittens who interact by
patting my hand with their paws before accepting
petting. Then they purr. Bubbles (the male) is the
bolder of the two. Snuggles (his sister) is a little
timid, but sweet.  

Posted July 30, 2013.
Updated October 4.
Updated January 21, 2014.
Bluebelle was one of two cats abandoned in a carton in Prospect Park a few days
ago. She's about four years old, had already been spayed and is very unhappy
about being in a cage in a strange place. But there's been no aggression at all from
this sweet girl: just a little growling and complete withdrawal.
We'll never know her history, but we can hope for a brighter future.

Posted December 7, 2013.
Promise was the other cat abandoned with Bluebelle. She's much younger and was not
already spayed (she has been now).
Promise is a calm, friendly cat who has adapted well to her life here. She will do well in any

Posted December 7, 2013. Updated March 26, 2014.
Milton was abandoned in front of my building. He was very small
for an adult (and will probably remain small). Both his eyes were
scarred and there was some doubt about whether he could see.
Since his arrival one eye has had to be removed -- and the other is
None of this has fazed him in the least. He's a happy, active, playful
kitty who loves to have his belly rubbed.

Posted March 26, 2014.
Morris was living with a feral colony and not doing well: he
was sick, had a piece of barbed wire in his hind leg and was
infested with parasites.
He has now recovered and is ready to be placed in a real
He's a darling cat, very trusting and friendly.

Posted March 26, 2014.
Tammy was picked up with a litter of kittens and has not yet been spayed
because we're waiting for her milk to dry up.
She was clearly once someone's pet: she's totally trusting and purrs as soon
as she's touched.
She'll be ready for adoption in about a week.
Posted April 14, 2014.
And here are the kittens: Matthew, Luke and Jane.
They're about 8 weeks old and very lively and trusting.
Posted April 18, 2014.