Cats for Adoption
Crisco is a very sweet cat, a little timid at first, but
affectionate and cuddly. He has a little trill of a voice.
Posted May 24, 2016
Julie was born to a feral mother, but has become a sweet little soul, is ready to
make friends and enjoy a new home. She loves having her back scratched.
Posted May 30, 2016.
Updated October 7.
Buster is FIV+ (which means he's been exposed, not that he'll
necessarily get sick -- though of course he may). He also came
in with the worst ear infection I've ever seen (he's healed
But the big story about Buster is his disposition: all he wants
out of life is petting and loving and he gives it back multiplied.
This is a cat who gives you his belly to rub and doesn't maul
you when you rub it. A real sweetheart.
Posted June 28, 2016.
Shake, Rattle and Roll (Shake is the boy) are a friendly, lively set of kittens. They're about eight months old and fully vetted.
The females (all black) appear to be part Siamese: they have the elegant bone structure.
Posted July 1st. Updated October 7.
Victor was brought to me by the woman who's been feeding
him outside. She has to move back to her country and is trying
to find safe havens for the cats she's been caring for.
Victor is a big, sweet guy -- trusting and gentle. He'll make some
lucky person a wonderful pet.
Posted July 10, 2016
Gabriel is a lovely young cat. When he was found he had an
entropion: an eyelid folded the wrong way and rubbing against
his eye. It was surgically corrected, but his right eye is smaller.
He is also positive for FIV -- which means he's been exposed,
not that he'll necessarily get sick. And he is NOT contagious.
He's got a great personality.
Posted September 17, 2016.
Polly, like Smoke, was tossed out on the street by relatives
when their owner died.
She's a dear cat, very affectionate. She'll kiss your fingers.
Posted October 7, 2016.
Roscoe showed up behind my building last Friday and I
immediately put a trap out. He went right in: he was hungry.
He was neutered, tested and fully vaccinated yesterday. He's a
big young cat (probably about a year old); chances are he was
abandoned because his people didn't know enough to get him
neutered (or wouldn't spend the money) and he was starting to
He's a mushily friendly guy who loves being petted -- and calls
after you when he's alone in his cage again.
Posted January 17, 2017.
Dream was having a nightmare. She had been abandoned, had
become horribly sick and the virus she had was destroying her
eye. But she was found and cared for. The eye is gone: it
imploded. But otherwise she's fine.
The person who was caring for her at the shelter she was taken
to said she was "a dream": very friendly and trusting.
January 18, 2017.
Randolph was found outside with a feral colony -- but he wasn't
feral. Somebody must have dumped him there.
He just came in today and is a little shell-shocked, but he seems to
be a sweet guy.
Posted January 18, 2017.
Rudolph came in today with Randolph -- and I suspect
they're brothers. Same age, similar appearance, came from
the same location -- and have similar dispositions.
I'm not going to know much about them until they've had
time to settle in.
Posted January 18, 2017.
Denise is about five months old, very gentle.
I'm told she was in a home with young children and hid because she was afraid
of them, so she should probably go to a quiet placement with adults.
Posted January 21, 2017.